Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Earn with ClinkBank through Facebook wall post

It's almost been a year that I have not posted on this blog. I was frustrated when Google AdSense banned my account because they have detected a fraud. It was the only legitimate money making I know before that's why it frustrate me. I started to look for other legitimate money making source and learned about affiliate marketing. I have signed up for so many affiliate programs online and lost track almost all of it.

Then just recently, I came across a site "Blogging with John Chow" which prompted me to joint his affiliate program because he was well respected on how to make money online through blogging. I posted an affiliate link to my facebook page and guess what, when I check my ClinkBank account I was surprised to see a commission on my account (see image below). This motivates me back to post on this blog site to share to anyone that you can earn extra money while using social networking sites on your free time.

My ClickBank Affiliate Commission