Greetings to all who have search and find this blog!

I created this blog for the sole purpose of creating a guide to all netizens who are searching and finding ways on how to make legitimate money making scheme in the internet. I've always wanted to have an extra income online while visiting social networking sites and surfing the net. I thought owning a site and accept paid advertisement thru the site is the only way to make money legitimately online. I'm skeptic on all other forms as I thought it is a scam. I also learned that blogging can also be one source of extra income online. Freelancing or sourcing out any skills you have during your free time to clients needing your service(s) can be done in the internet and can be a source of extra income too. Hope this write up will give you idea on how to start earning online. You can jump to the Category Page by clicking the link. Please download my E-book if you like a hard copy of this write-up.


     People who are fond of using the internet should be aware of the potential to generate extra income while having fun surfing the net. Recently, I see people using the internet just to do social networking sites and not allocating time to spend it to have extra income while doing so. Maybe some of them had been a victim of scam where they are offered easy-money-making scheme online. This is the reason I'm doing a research and investigating what are legitimate money making scheme online. I will make this blog as concise as possible but will provide knowledge to the readers because I know people will get bored easily when reading long write ups.


     There are many categories of legitimate money making online and there are also many scams so be very careful in choosing. I’ll just discuss four of them and let you start earning if you apply this to yourself. See the list below and I will discuss each briefly to get you started. Please visit my site every now and then to update yourself on any other forms of legitimate money making scheme online.

     Here's a list of categories on how to earn extra income online legitimately. You can click on each category to view its corresponding page.
  • Affiliate Programs - An automated marketing program where a web advertiser or merchant will pay commission to someone by referring their site or by selling their products to internet users.
  • Advertisement thru Blogging - One of the most popular of being paid thru advertisement is blogging then monetizing your site.
  • Buy and Sell -This applies to all items you have but don’t plan to use it anymore where you can sell it to “buy and sell” websites. This also includes antique items you can put in an auction websites.
  • Freelancing - This is doing any skills you have during your free time and source this out to anyone needing in the internet.

     I will discuss each of these categories in each corresponding page to give you idea on how to start so that you can apply this and start earning extra income online. I will also include websites that I know in which you can use to start with and apply each scheme to earn extra income. These are just a few of the Categories but I will update this list as soon as I come across of it.