Buy and Sell

“Buy and Sell” doesn’t mean that you need to buy a new item then sell it back. This is just a description of one of the category where you can earn extra income if you apply it when surfing online. If you have old or used items that you don’t intend to use it anymore, you can turn them into cash by selling it on “buy and sell” web site. You can also use online auction sites to sell antique items you have (see list below). I will not elaborate on this further because this is self explanatory. You just need to sign-up an account on the “buy and sell” websites to get started with. Here are a few web sites that are most popular that you can use.

     There are lots of online Buy and Sell sites that you can use. I will enumerate some of them that are most famous and will update this list when I encounter the other sites.

      Buy and sell websites
  • eBay - a US based company where anyone can buy and sell practically anything
  • iOffer - a US based and one of the fastest growing destination for interactive social commerce
  • AyosDito - a Philippine based buy and sell marketplace online
  • - a Philippine base online market place and classified ads website
  • Prelove - a UK based website promoting to turn your clutter into cash
      Auction websites
  • AuctionFire - is an automated online auctions website with thousands of listing categories enabling buyers and sellers to transact in real time and they offer their service for free.
  • Free-Auctions - is an online auction site that lets sellers list their auction items for free, without any reserve fees whatsoever.
  • Buy Sell Prince - is a UK based free online auction site alternative to eBay.

     Please also try to search in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Lycos or other search engines. Visit the Wikipedia site for the full list of search engines.