Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are an automated marketing program where a merchant or web advertiser recruits online users to place the merchant's product banner ads or buttons on their own web site to attract customers to the merchant’s web site. Online users will receive a referral fee or commission from sales when the customer has clicked the affiliate link to get to the merchant's web site to perform the desired action. The most common types of affiliate programs include pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale and pay-per-click. Affiliate programs are also categorized. Below is a list of categories and websites that belong to each category and are considered as best affiliate programs on each category respectively. You can click each of the link below to start signing up for an account. There are so many affiliate programs you can choose to earn extra income online. Visit this site to learn more, click here. Popular affiliate marketing program categories are as follows.

  • Market Health - sign up now and earn up to 50% commission on sales
  • 121Doc - sign up now and earn up to 23% commission on referral
  • 4RX - sign up now and earn up to 23% direct commission and 5% second tier
  • Generic4All - sign up now and earn 20% commission on referral and up to 30%
  • - earn up to 50-70% sales commissions; click here to sign-up
  • MyRXCash - sign up now and earn up to 35% commission
Web Hosting
  • AvaHost - earn up to $50 per sales and earn 10% on 2nd tier affiliates; click here to sign up
  • InMotion Hosting - earn $50 for one to two sales per month and $100 for three or more sales; click here to sign-up
  • MochaHost - earn 50% for each sale you deliver; sign up now
  • Globat Hosting - sign up now and earn $75 per customer you refer who will sign up for the hosting plan
  • HostRocket - earn $75 per sale and it goes up depending in the volume to $150 per sale
  • MegaFriends - earn 5% on each referral and 40% recurring as long as the person remains a paid member; click here to sign up
  • FriendFinder - earn $2 for every woman and $1 for every man on every free sign-up referral; click here to sign up Click here for more!
  • Market Leverage - earn 6% commission on every publisher you refer
  • AVA Partner - earn 10% commission on referrals; sign up now
  • Affiliate Yard - earn $100-$300 dollar per referral; click here to sign up now
  • Payday Pays - earn commission on every referral
  • AffiliateBot - commissions are dependent on the affiliate program you are promoting
  • Blue Global Media
  • Commission Junction

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